About me;

so hi. if you’re reading this, it means that you wanna know me better. this makes me happy, so hello again.

my name’s liuba, i ‘ll turn 18 on june 13th, 2014. i live in a small town in tuscany, italy, and basically i hate that. i don’t hate my country, not at all (ya know, the food is so good) but i hate this town and the people who live here. i study languages and for me this is the 4th year of high school. i have boyfriend, his name is riccardo. i’ve been knowing him since we were kids, and now we’ve been together for 3 and an half year. i love him to the moon and back.

my blog is 90% taylor swift and 10 % other things. taylor is my angel. for real. she saved me in so many ways, i’ll never thank her enough for that. she’s my best friend, my bigger sister, my idol, my role model, she’s my everything. and probably she will never know it. bc if i’m ever gonna meet her, in a rare case, probably i’m gonna cry all the time and just sob and smile like a stupid. that’s what i do when i imagine it. i was lucky enough to have the chance to see her in my favorite city, london, on february 2nd 2014. it was the best night ever for me, i cried so much when it was over because after 5 years i had the chance to see my everything live and, since she noticed me and she smiled at me, i couldn’t ask for anything better. i travelled from italy just to see her for 2 hours. best 2 hours of my life, totally worth it. i can’t wait to see her again and i’m dying everyday waiting for my chance to meet this beautiful human being.

i’m obsessed by so many things. taylor is the most important, but then, i have paramore. i saw them on june 10th 2013. hayley williams is also my role model in some ways. then, jennifer lawrence, she’s like, i dunno, i feel her like a close friend, she’s just so amazing and beautiful. she’s my favorite actress of all the time. i like ed sheeran too, his voice is so beautiful. i started listening to him just some months ago, thank to taylor and to my friend arianna. i’m gonna see him on november 20th this year and i’m SO EXCITED. i’m obsessed and i mean a lot obsessed by sweeran.

if you read all these bullshits, i want you to know that i love you, bc you were patient and really wanted to know me. thank you. <3

this is me:

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ok so im redoing my blog and my about me and stuff 

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“Perfection. She’s growing up, she’s maturing, she’s having fun with fashion, she’s going for the most structured looks. You, a year ago, would never in your wildest dreams think that Taylor Swift would come on the red carpet of the Academy of Country Music Awards wearing this. Ever. J. Mendel knows her very well, and hair, I love it messy, I love it short. She’s growing up, she’s maturing, and I love it.” — Kelly Osbourne on Taylor Swift’s ACM look, Fashion Police (via knowyoubetter)

and i see your face in every crowd

Taylor performing 'Love Story' throughout the years.

“I’m so proud of this album that I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I do not have any worry about it. It’s exactly what I wanted to put out, it’s the best possible thing I could do. If anyone doesn’t like it, it’s their problem. I love it.” — Ed Sheeran  (via comealongswift)


 Not that I ever was as good as her, but I see a lot of myself in someone like Taylor Swift. She has some of the same drive that I had.
She takes both her artistry and the business side seriously. Get things done. I think she is spectacularly talented and I am very proud of her.

Dolly Parton 2014

thelookonyourface ha detto:welcome back!!

aw thank you :)

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red tour setlist The Lucky One (5/17)